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New York psychologist, counselor, psychotherapist and executive coach Robert M. Fraum, Ph.D. is a practicing, licensed psychologist who has been providing psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and mental health counseling in the New York metropolitan area for over 30 years. His psychology and coaching practice has convenient locations in midtown Manhattan (New York City), Fairfield County (Greenwich) and Westchester County (White Plains, NY). Dr. Fraum is a practicing psychologist in NYC, White Plains, New York and Greenwich, Connecticut. Individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, anger and stress management counseling, marital and family counseling for couples, and teen therapy as well as executive coaching are available. He focuses on getting results with a solution- and goal-oriented approach including CBT. He can help with treatment for depression, managing anger and stress, adult attention deficit/hyperactivity (ADHD), anxiety, panic, fear and phobia, obsessive compulsive disorders. Dr. Fraum also treats a wide range of other common psychological problems.

Welcome! This page will introduce my psychology practice and counseling services located in Greenwich, CT, New York City and White Plains, NY.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and counselor with over 30 years of professional experience. I provide individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, family and marital counseling. I also provide teen therapy, anger management, executive and life coaching. My practice locations are accessible from all over the New York metropolitan area, including Long Island, Rockland and Fairfield Counties, and New Jersey.

Finding and choosing the best cognitive behavioral therapy, couples therapy, family and marriage counseling can be daunting. My goal for this website is to provide help to you in understanding problems we face as human beings, and also to help you in choosing a good psychologist, psychotherapist or other mental health professional for your needs.

At some time in your life, you may need objective and professional help from a psychotherapist, psychologist or psychiatrist. You may be confronting dysfunctional or compulsive behavior or coping with high stress levels. You may need help with anger management. You may have problems controlling anxiety. Perhaps you are struggling with depression, trauma, or other psychological symptoms of emotional upset. Marriage or relationship problems with family, children, teens, friends or coworkers can also affect your sense of well being, self-confidence, or direction in life.

You may feel lost or stuck, or may not be progressing and developing your potential. Perhaps you aren't growing or moving forward in some important area like personal, intimate, or family relationships. It may be that your career is stagnating or you are wrestling with difficult life changes. There may be long standing psychological or developmental problems such as shyness, insecurity or feelings of inadequacy. One can feel more and more frustrated, alone or stuck as time goes by. By facing and actively engaging our problems, we can understand and resolve them. Therapy can change your life.

As a licensed psychologist and certified psychoanalyst, I bring a depth of understanding and experience for overcoming life's problems. I also provide practical solutions and strategies for coping with and treating common mental health issues using traditional professionalism combined with modern cognitive behavioral tools.

This website aims to present, in plain language, some common psychological roadblocks, issues and obstacles to mental health and personal growth. It discusses problems and challenges that many of us face at one time or another, along with clinical symptoms, diagnosis, and self-help suggestions.

It describes traditional and modern treatment approaches. This provides background information to consider when picking a psychologist, marriage counselor, cognitive behavioral therapist, psychotherapist, or other mental health professional.

The goal is to help you find the best treatment and choose the most effective psychology services. Information about specific psychological issues and advice and choosing a therapist can be useful--regardless of whether you live in Manhattan, the greater New York City metro, Westchester, Fairfield County or elsewhere. Please see the section on how to find and choose the best psychotherapy for tips such as my best teen therapy and family counseling tips,, recommendations and evaluation criteria.

As you read through the site, I will introduce you to the professional therapeutic services that I provide as a clinical psychologist licensed in New York and Connecticut. My services include brief therapy for individuals, psychotherapy for teens, family therapy and teen counseling, counseling for couples, and marital therapy. Major sections discuss stress and anger management.

My purpose is to inform you above all else. I encourage you to call when you are ready to seek professional help from a qualified psychotherapist or simply because you have a question.

How I Work with You as a New York Licensed Psychologist, Counselor and Life Coach

I provide psychotherapy in New York City and Westchester, NY and Fairfield County, CT to clients with issues that get in the way of living as well and achieving their potential. As a licensed psychologist, I find it natural and helpful to use a variety of psychological approaches and methods for diagnosis and treatment. This multimodal treatment strategy allows me to understand and tailor treatment to fit my client's particular issues, needs and goals. I provide cognitive behavioral techniques and coaching strategies to help my clients to apply insights to their lives. I strive to provide clear direction, candid feedback and useful tools for achieving tangible results. As a goal directed psychologist and life coach, I use a solution focused approach to counseling and treatment.

As an interpersonal-humanistic psychologist and life coach, I am down to earth, collaborative, and interactive. I enjoy my work and relate in a naturally responsive and straightforward manner. I am fully engaged in promoting my clients' progress and success, and they are actively involved in the analysis and implementation stages. I listen carefully and give the candid feedback that is so necessary for real change.

I recognize the importance of my clients' needs to communicate comfortably and in their own way, to set goals and make changes that they choose. I appreciate my clients' personal beliefs and spiritual needs in therapy and treat them with the respect they deserve as individuals.

Please see the solution oriented psychotherapy approach page to learn more about my treatment philosophy and style as an analyst and as a coach.

Individual Psychotherapy and Counseling for Psychological Issues

I work with individuals, couples and family members to treat clinical symptoms, psychological disorders, or problems adjusting to stressful or traumatic conditions. I help people who want to overcome obstacles, such as phobic or compulsive behavior, that interfere with their personal, relationship, professional and career growth, including:

  • Anxiety and Depressive Disorders
  • Panic and Anxiety Attacks (Panic Disorders)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
  • Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (AADD/AADHD)

I provide counseling for:

  • Overcoming Fear of Intimacy, Separation and other Relationship Issues
  • Recovery from Trauma or Physical, Mental and Sexual Abuse
  • Adjusting to Stage of Life, Situational and other Issues
  • Preventing, managing and Recovering from Divorce
  • Recovering Your Life While Sustaining Recovery
  • Pursuing Self Actualization, Well Being, and Fulfillment

Psychotherapy Practice and Services

Psychology practice areas and typical problems addressed though coaching, counseling and psychotherapy include:

  • Interpersonal and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Anger management Counseling
  • Family, Marital and Couples therapy
  • Psychotherapy and Counseling for Teens
  • Stress Management Counseling
  • Personal and Professional Coaching

Anger Management Counseling

When we think about anger management problems, aggressive, violent, and destructive behaviors come first to mind. However, verbal abuse, angry outbursts, self-injuring actions, and covert aggression (passive aggressive behaviors) are common and also unacceptably harmful. A marriage, family, or career may become undermined or destroyed if these behaviors are not addressed effectively. Rage reactions and violence may result immediate job loss, civil or legal jeopardy.

Anger management issues may be due to a variety of factors, like

  • misjudging the intentions of others
  • a psychological vulnerability like severe anxiety,depression or poor self esteem
  • a behavioral, impulse, or substance abuse problem
  • emotional self-regulation issues
  • addiction to anger
  • a need for more relationship skills or emotional supports
  • a situation like job loss, abandonment, betrayal
  • on-going job or family stress

Anger management counseling can help you cope with anger problems that may accompany psychological conditions like depression, severe anxiety, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Chronic irritability or hostility gets evoked in the New York metro area, due to environmental factors that are taken for granted and go unnoticed after a while. Likewise, the habit of communicating or controlling through anger may lead to a vicious circle for a couple or in a family.

I take a holistic view in understanding the factors that maintain a person's anger management problem and how to go about treating it quickly and effectively. I consider a client's psychological state, cognitive style or personality, personal history, family history, current stresses and supports, interpersonal dynamics, psychological and behavioral triggers, and so on.

I use interpersonal and cognitive behavioral psychology treatment techniques, psycho-educational counseling, relationship coaching, core-value counseling, couple consultation: anything that is likely to be effective. My primary goal is to head off dysfunctional anger and aggression and to replace them with productive, problem solving behavior. Please see the anger management page or go to my anger management counseling website at for more information.

Stress Management Counseling

Elevated stress levels can leave us vulnerable to a variety of psychological conditions like anxiety disorders and depression, as well as potentially dangerous physical conditions that require medical attention. As an NYC native, psychologist, husband and father, I understand the unique environment we live in and our cultural zeitgeist. I help many clients manage situational and environmental stress, at my practice locations in Manhattan, Greenwich, and White Plains.

I also find that stress management counseling methods generally work well to accelerate treatment when they are combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic and interpersonal psychotherapy methods. Please see the stress management page for details of some common stressors, their consequences, and techniques for managing and improving your overall well being.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Phobias and other Anxiety Disorders

My services as a psychologist and counselor for anxiety disorders are often requested in the New York metropolitan area, especially since 9/11 and the current domestic crisis. I find cognitive behavioral therapy for panic attacks or panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and phobias to be an especially successful treatment approach. I also choose cognitive therapy as the best treatment methods for trauma, chronic stress and related medical illnesses. I coach my clients through traumatic, painful and even paralyzing situations that make them anxious or fearful. Together, we work through trauma, grief, stress and anger management issues in a supportive therapeutic environment.

Diagnosing and Treating Clinical Depression and Depressive Disorder

Clinical depression is a psychological condition that can feed upon itself. Symptoms of clinical depression can interfere with one's relationships, career, and health. These consequences can lead to a downward spiral.

People suffering from depression are also often overcome with feelings of helplessness and desperation. They may be too demoralized to understand and overcome the disorder on his or her own. Women are especially vulnerable to depression. Men who are clinically depressed tend to minimize or hide their symptoms.

Antidepressant medications can help with the overt clinical symptoms without addressing the negative cognitive beliefs, emotional problems, and psychological/interpersonal issues. Good psychotherapy and counseling from a professional psychologist can diagnose and treat depression effectively, in mild to moderate cases, without the need for psychiatric medication. For many people diagnosed with Major Depression, Severe or with Bipolar Disorder, the best treatment includes anti-depressant or mood stabilizing medication combined with interpersonal psychotherapy or CBT.

People with depression are usually dis-empowered due to a heightened sense of helpless or hopelessness. I find a solution focused approach in psychotherapy and counseling for clinical depression treatment to be very helpful in empowering people to deal with their symptoms and key issues. As a clinical psychologist, I employ interpersonal, cognitive-behavioral, and psycho-educational counseling methods for the various aspects of depression. This combination is especially effective in treating symptoms of depression, restoring functionality, and improving a depressed client's negative self-concept and world view.

ADD, ADHD (Hyperactivity) in Children and Adolescents, Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (AADD)

Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) appears in childhood. AADHD looks different for each individual. However, it is primarily characterized by inattentiveness and distractibility (usually referred to as ADD), or by impulsiveness, restlessness and hyperactivity, or both. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) usually interferes with academic achievement, social development, self-concept and self-esteem.

It should be noted that

  • These symptoms are frequently present in combination to some degree
  • ADD is characterized by inconsistency in attention, not solely by distractibility and insufficient attention. A person with ADHD tends to inappropriately focus too little on a task (hypofocus) or to give a task much more attention than he/ she needs to (hyperfocus)
  • The psychological risks to self-worth and social relationship are easily underestimated.

I have personal experience with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as clinical experience providing psychotherapy and coaching for attention deficit disorder in children and adults. The focus of my work it not on the ADHD per se but on the psychological problems that result from ADHD.

Couples Therapy, Marital and Marriage Counseling

As a licensed psychologist, I provide couples therapy, family and marriage counseling, individual psychotherapy for teens, and coaching on parenting and family issues. As a husband and father, who works and lives in the New York City, Westchester and Greenwich/Fairfield County CT area, I understand the real issues we face in relationships, careers, and families. I am a teen therapist - family counseling is available in NYC, White Plains and Greenwich.

Family therapy and parent counseling consultation employs family systems theory and clinical experience in understanding and addressing issues that affect the family. I use practical coaching methods and a blend of couples, individual and family counseling approaches. I can also help parents improve their coping and relationship skills with their children. A targeted and straight forward application of communications, relationship and or negotiation counseling is usually helpful in getting the best family counseling results.

Marriage counseling and couple therapy help couples to understand and then resolve their marital issues through positive changes in behavior. As with Family therapy and parent counseling, I actively focus, as needed, on improving communication, on establishing functional ground rules and relationship, and conflict resolution skills. This produces better understanding, increased harmony, feelings of love and mutual respect.

Psychotherapy and counseling for teens provides a safe, non-judgmental place for teenagers, high school age and above, to clarify and take ownership of their issues, and to address the challenges that confront them in their lives.

Grief and Bereavement Therapy

Grief and bereavement are natural psychological processes. However, the loss of someone (or something) important can be traumatic or demoralizing. Grief therapy and bereavement counseling can help you to express, release, and work through painful feelings in order to move forward in your life. Loss is a natural, inevitable part of life. Depending upon how we react, life's losses can present opportunities for personal growth or for being stuck in despair and lifelessness. First, we must feel what we feel and allow ourselves to grieve. Sharing with a counselor can help relieve feelings of guilt or anger and help release trapped emotional potential needed to move on.

Divorce Counseling

Coping with divorce can be more stressful and painful than dealing with the death of a loved one. It is easy to get stuck in harrowing emotions like fear, resentment, anger, regret, shame, and guilt, or in escapist behaviors. We may be too distracted by practical, psychological or family problems and ignore our needs for emotional support. Psychological perspective, and strategic advice, during a time of confusing transition and stress.

Every marriage and every divorce is different. Friends, family, and lawyers have own particular perspectives and opinions. In my solution oriented approach to divorce counseling, I work with you as a divorce therapist to help you understand the relationship and marital problems that led to the end of the marriage and help you to cope with your emotions during this life changing event. As a divorce coach, I partner with you in success, to help you get through the process of divorce, to keep you focused on the issues, people and goals that matter most, and help you to move to on in the best way possible.

Executive Coaching and Life Coaching

Who you are inside, your self concept and world view powerfully influences how you perceive others and what they think of you. It is wise to acknowledge and shore up one's "blind spots" and to develop one's potential strengths. This is where an executive coach and life coaching can really help.

I adapt my experience, skills and training as a practical psychoanalyst and behavioral coach to provide executive coaching and life coaching. I offer a breadth of perspectives and a flexible combination of practical psychology, career development guidance, communications coaching, and results oriented psychological counseling to help executives and professionals to maximize career success, and satisfaction at work and in business.

I also help individuals gain a greater level of mastery over life's challenges so they feel empowered, capable, organized, and in control of their personal environment. I help them gain mastery over powerful emotions and harmful habits that can damage relationships and destroy careers. My clients achieve greater creativity, improved self expression, heightened self awareness and increasingly successful relationships on every level.

How a Goal Oriented Psychology Approach Can Help

My approach to psychotherapy as a mental health counselor focuses on understanding the nature of the problem, formulating viable alternatives, and pursuing tangible solutions. I act as psychologist, therapist, practical analyst, and coach to help you better understand yourself, your motivations, needs and desires so you can achieve your goal and solve your problems. Based upon your particular needs, we create and implement an action plan for tangible results.

I have learned from experience that it is wise to draw upon a variety of psychological treatment methods in order to promote change more effectively. My eclectic and holistic approach takes the whole person into account. My methods include cognitive behavioral treatment, rational emotive therapy, humanistic psychotherapy, existential psychology, family systems psychology, and others as applicable.

This practical approach in therapy focuses on doing something about problems, not simply talking about them. As a professional counselor, I have found that meaningful change is achieved through understanding and doing.

How to Find the Best Psychologist, Marriage Counselor, or Psychotherapist for Your Needs

The effectiveness of psychotherapy, life coaching or counseling mainly depends upon the fit between client and therapist. It's also important to know how professionals obtain qualifications and specifically use their knowledge to understand and treat problems.

Consider qualifications, training and experience when choosing a mental health professional, coach or mentor. Are they licensed psychologists, or certified psychotherapists who are well educated in general psychiatry, clinical psychology or another professional counseling discipline? Do they have advanced professional training such as postdoctoral certificates or up to date board certifications in psychiatry? How long have they been practicing? Where do they practice psychology? Do they offer services that are within the scope of their training and qualifications or do they fly entirely by the seat of their pants? What level of success have they had with clients who share issues and problems similar to your own?

During the first meeting with a psychologist, marital counselor, or cognitive behavioral psychotherapist, pay close attention to your comfort level and whether their style feels right for you. For example, do they communicate personal detachment or appropriate professional support? Do they seem comfortable when answering your questions?

Many people ask who is the top therapist or the best psychologist or how can I find and choose the right one for me? The reality is that no one can tell you because this is a personal decision based on fit, but you must do careful research and trust your own experience. You can find good advice for how to choose the best psychology and counseling services for your particular needs, from a qualified professional, in the How to Find and Choose the Best Therapy section.

Psychotherapy Practice in Midtown NYC, White Plains, and Greenwich

Three locations allow access by residents of New York City, Long Island, Westchester, Rockland County, and Fairfield County, Connecticut.

I've been an interpersonal-humanistic psychologist and a results oriented therapist for over 25 years, helping individuals, families and couples through counseling, therapy and coaching.

Please give yourself time to explore this website. You can call or email me at any time to find out more about how my expertise as a psychologist and counselor can help you. I would be happy to demonstrate how my results oriented approach can enable you to solve problems and live life to your fullest potential.

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