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Robert M. Fraum, Ph.D. provides counseling and therapy for couples, married partners, teens and parents in Manhattan New York, White Plains and Greenwich. He is a practicing psychotherapist, mental health counselor and clinical psychologist licensed in CT and NY State. He can help with communication, relationship, and other family issues, including anger management and verbal abuse.

I have been providing marriage counseling in New York City (Manhattan), couples and family therapy in Westchester County, as a licensed marriage counselor and family therapist, for over 20 years. I'm pleased to announce my Greenwich CT family therapy, couple's counseling and teen therapy practice location, complimenting White Plains, NY family and couple's therapy as well!

I'm a husband and father, so I deeply understand the issues that family counseling and marital therapy can help address.

An amazing thing happens when we fall in love--we feel fully alive. We experience something like the joy and enthusiasm of early childhood. Love can engage our dearest hopes and most tender emotions. An intimate relationship can also trigger our vulnerabilities.

When we feel hurt, frightened, frustrated or disappointed in a relationship, we can become anxious, depressed or angry. When we can't put our feelings into words or resolve an upsetting issue, we may resort to negative patterns of communication. These may include unrestrained emotional ventilation, sarcasm, intimidation or criticism. We may punish a partner with emotional withdrawal, threatening hints or angry actions in the hope that they finally get the message. Negative patterns can become entrenched when constructive communication is blocked.

Some couples lock into an ongoing power struggle. They fight over minor things instead of resolving issues that stand between them. They talk past each other, each defending their emotional turf, as though their partner were the enemy at that moment. Alternatively, some couples avoid fighting at any cost, and they settle into an emotionally detached relationship, living together as "married singles." Some other couples live on an emotional roller coaster-- an exhausting cycle of emotional battles and temporary truces.

How well we meet each other's legitimate needs affects our mutual well being, happiness and functionality as a couple. Unaddressed needs and resentments pile up to produce chronic stress. Marital conflicts can contribute to deterioration in social, professional or academic functioning in family members. Chronic stress can lead to excessive drinking, substance abuse, poor health, child abuse, emotional neglect, spousal abuse or other destructive behaviors.

To keep a relationship growing requires more knowledge and emotional work than most people realize. A functional relationship has needs that go beyond the needs the individual partners. A relationship must remain an emotionally safe place, a reliable source of love, respect, trust, care and interest. Like a productive garden or a successful business, a well-functioning relationship requires that we pay close attention to what it needs, that we adjust to changes and challenges, and that we get good advice when there is a problem that is not responding to our best efforts.

Couple therapy helps partners learn methodologies to resolve problems and sustain intimacy--through better understanding, useful information, more effective communication, and productive attitudes. I find it helpful to use cognitive behavioral treatment techniques and coaching strategies to help couples implement constructive actions.

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling can help by providing:

  • professional, candid analysis of a couple's needs, strengths, challenges and goals.
  • relevant information and strategies -- to resolve current issues and develop the relationship.
  • mutual understanding of personal sensitivities -- to heal emotional wounds and enhance trust.
  • active coaching and practical cognitive behavioral therapy tools -- to achieve tangible and sustainable progress.

Family Therapy and Parent Counseling

A couple's blind spots or unresolved issues can impact family members. Common family therapy issues include parenting roles, limit setting, decision making responsibilities and particular marital problems. Often, a change in parenting techniques, communication style or goals and expectations can be of timely and significant help.

Family and parent counseling can provide fresh insight, information and perspectives on child and family concerns. Children with special needs, families in stressful circumstances. and parents without good information or support often benefit from family therapy or parent counseling.

Some Issues and Problems Addressed in Couple and Family Therapy

  • Committing vs. Letting Go
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Enhancing Intimacy & Sex
  • Repairing Emotional Wounds
  • Resolving Conflicts Agreeably
  • Managing Children & Relatives
  • Avoiding vs. Managing Divorce
  • Children's Emotional Problems
  • Child Guidance and Discipline
  • Alcohol or Substance Abuse
  • Physical, Sexual or Verbal Abuse
  • Academic Achievement Issues
  • Adolescent Alienation, Rebellion
  • Family Crises or Trauma

Find Couples Therapy, Family and Marriage Counseling in New York City and White Plains

Please contact me if you would like to find out more about my solutions focused approach to marital therapy, marriage counseling, family and couples therapy. If you choose, we can discuss how my methods as a licensed clinical psychologist, counselor, coach and psychotherapist with over twenty five years of clinical practice in marital counseling and couples and family therapy, can be of help to you.

I offer convenient appointments from both my New York City psychotherapy practice in midtown Manhattan and my Westchester, NY family psychology practice in White Plains, convenient to Stamford, Greenwich and Fairfield County, CT. These locations are easily reached from Rockland, New Jersey, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and the NY metropolitan area.

I now provide individual psychotherapy, family counseling, marriage and teen therapy in downtown Greenwich, CT.

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