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Executive coaching in Manhattan, NYC by licensed psychologist, life and executive coach, Robert M. Fraum, Ph.D. Dr. Fraum focuses on behavior change and uses cognitive behavioral therapy for executives to enhance interpersonal skills, career development and job satisfaction. Life counseling and executive coaching is available in New York City (midtown Manhattan) and White Plains, NY.

As an executive coach in Manhattan, White Plains and Greenwich, I help my coaching clients improve interpersonal and communication skills, personal balance and resiliency. Executive coaching helps build the necessary skills for professional success and emotional well being in our turbulent business climate. When a career is stalled, or when your emotional reactions are creating a barrier to success, or when a job is a major source of stress, cognitive behavioral and psychologically based executive coaching can be very helpful. At times, a relatively simple change in perspective, attitude or behavior can go a long way in helping to move a career forward.

Inlife and business coaching and counseling;, I help professionals to advance their careers through enhanced self-knowledge, emotional self-management and interpersonal skills targeted to their specific business and career development needs. While coaching executives, we discuss what needs to be changed, and we develop strategies to meet these goals. Discussions are collaborative, candid and down to earth.

Working effectively and going the distance requires relative freedom from self-generated sources of distraction like anxiety, anger, demoralization, from emotional and interpersonal styles that limit a career, and from destructive behavioral patterns that eventually undermine a life. When an issue is long standing or resistant to change, we may need to get beneath the surface issues in order to achieve professional growth and satisfaction. This is where an executive coach, counselor and psychologist can really help.

My particular approach to executive coaching uses psychological perspectives, professional sensitivity and cognitive/behavioral tools to create meaningful change from the inside out. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I adhere to ethical standards of discretion and client confidentiality.

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You are very welcome to contact me if you would like to discuss executive coaching, life coaching and my qualifications and methods as a licensed clinical psychologist, counselor and psychotherapist. I have specialist experience as an executive coach and I offer convenient appointments from the midtown New York City, Westchester, NY and Greenwich, CT psychology practice locations.

I am currently in the process of trying to find a psychotherapy and counseling office in downtown Greenwich, CT.

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