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I am a NY and CT licensed clinical psychologist providing therapy and counseling services in Greenwich, Connecticut, Midtown Manhattan, and White Plains, New York. I am down to earth and goal oriented, with over 30 years of experience treating individuals and couples from the greater NY, NJ & CT metro area. I help my clients to overcome common mental health, relationship and family issues that get in the way of being more engaged, related, productive, and happy. I offer a range of practical therapeutic methods to enhance outcomes and accelerate progress. For example, I provide psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy for depression, for symptoms of anxiety and mood disorders, fears, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and anger management problems. As a goal oriented family and marriage counselor, I provide couple therapy, marriage counseling, family consultation, and parent coaching, as well as psychotherapy and counseling for teenagers.

Welcome to my Greenwich, CT psychology page! I provide psychotherapy and counseling for couples and family therapy as well as individual and group therapy in downtown Greenwich.

At any time in life, you may be faced with a psychological condition, problem in living, relationship issue or behavioral problem. You may be experiencing

  • Symptoms of depression, anxiety, fear, worry or rage.
  • Panic attacks, obsessive thinking, compulsive behaviors, or stress related physical symptoms.
  • Psychological reactions that interfere with recovery from addictions, trauma or loss.
  • Problems in an intimate, spousal or family relationship, or in social or professional situations.

You may feel stuck, like you are spinning your wheels but not getting the traction you need to move forward in some area in life. You may benefit from the help of a mental health professional who has the knowledge and experience to help you cut through the confusion and achieve your goals.

How a solution-focused psychologist, individual therapist, marriage counselor, and anger management coach approaches treatment

I'm a licensed psychologist, marriage counselor, and psychotherapist located in Greenwich, CT. My treatment approach focuses on achieving practical results.

I find psychotherapy and counseling to be particularly effective when the treatment method is multimodal, flexible and goal oriented.

  • As a trained clinical psychologist, I find it easy and appropriate to select from a wide range of psychotherapy, cognitive, behavioral, and coaching techniques and to tailor them to meet a client's particular needs. This method is effective with clinical symptoms like depression, anxiety, fear, panic, and worry. It's also a big advantage in helping my clients to achieve greater success in complex areas like relationships, families, and career development.
  • This solutions-oriented approach provides tools and coaching strategies to achieve meaningful and tangible outcomes. This leads to a stronger sense empowerment and improved self worth.

The manner in which a psychotherapist, marriage counselor or anger management professional conducts treatment influences the results. I find psychotherapy and counseling outcomes are better when a mental health professional

  • Works collaboratively, generating hypotheses, strategies and objectives to discuss
  • Conducts treatment in an active, focused, and inquiring manner
  • Communicates in a candid, engaged, down-to-earth style
  • Creates an emotionally safe and vital working environment
  • Resonates emotionally as a person and responds as a professional
  • Provides information, perspectives, and tools that one can relate to and actually use
  • Continually questions his own perspectives, methods and quality of engagement

As an interpersonal, humanist psychologist, I do not talk to anyone in this formal style of writing --especially not to teenagers! I relate in an open, candid and genuine manner. I am spontaneous, engaged, and responsive and actually funny at times.

In our initial meetings, I try to quickly learn a great deal about you and your issue of concern. My style of working is to share my impressions, hypotheses, and questions with you as soon as practically possible. I genuinely welcome the benefit of feedback, whether it is correction, clarification or corroboration. This helps me to get to know you better and gets us on the same page sooner.

As an experienced mental health professional, and a consumer of psychotherapy services, I have a strong sense of what works in therapy and what doesn't work. I understand that my clients need to feel reasonably comfortable, and go to at their own pace. i help my clients to feel safe enough to open up, take on emotionally challenging issues, and implement solutions. it's also part of my job as a psychotherapist and family and marriage counselor to help my clients to deal with inner resistances and external obstacles to attaining their goals.

Help for specific psychological conditions, relationship issues, and behavioral problems

I help clients to deal with specific psychological conditions, to overcome disturbing symptoms, and to change problematic behaviors. For example, I diagnose and treat

  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Depression and Mood Disorders
  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks
  • Obsessive -Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Personality Disorders
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
  • Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (AADD)
  • Stress-related Disorders
  • Symptoms from Physical, Mental and Sexual Abuse
  • Stage of Life and Adjustment Issues

I treat the painful or debilitating presenting symptoms of Psychological Disorders (like clinical depression).

I help clients recover from trauma and grief, as well as stress-related disorders. I counsel adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) on behavioral, emotional and interpersonal issues.

I coach my clients through situational problems by providing information, insight and relevant cognitive behavioral tools.

My usual treatment strategy is to use a solution-focused, multimodal approach in order to quickly address the "presenting problem," the symptoms or behaviors for which a client is seeking help. I may also discuss the option of a psychiatric consult if I think psychiatric medications may help to accelerate recovery or relieve unnecessary suffering.

I also offer my clients the option of going beyond initial symptom relief and habit control. For example, some individuals want to overcome obstacles to success in relationships, career or family relationships. Others want to be more self empowered or content within their own skin.

At some point, such as after a prolonged period of stress, or of caring for mainly others, or of being "stuck" (sometimes without knowing it), a person may want to address issues which have been put on hold. Sometimes, a person in recovery is now ready go beyond sobriety and pursue certain delayed personal goals. These issues or goals may include:

  • developing a deeper, more stable sense of emotional security, connection, or self-worth
  • repairing a family relationship or developing an intimate one
  • creating new ways of connecting with others
  • coming to terms with what we want we are, who we want to be, and what to do about it

I help my clients to identify and pursue goals that matter to them.

Greenwich Psychotherapy, Counseling, and Coaching

Psychological Services in Greenwich

  • Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Anger Management Counseling, individuals and couples
  • Marriage Counseling and Couple Therapy
  • Relationship, Communications and Negotiation Coaching
  • Family Therapy and Parental Coaching
  • Adolescent Counseling (High School Males)
  • Pre-marital Counseling and Divorce Issues
  • Recovery Problems and Post-Recovery Personal Growth
  • Professional and Personal Coaching

Anger management groups, classes, and workshops are offered in White Plains, not Greenwich. Psychotherapy and couple counseling for managing anger is offered in Greenwich, White Plains, and New York City.

Treatment for Anxiety Disorders and Depressive Conditions

Let's look at a sample of common problem areas and approaches to treatment. For a more detailed discussion, click the topic areas in the margin or in links in the text.

Ordinary anxiety, depression and physical symptoms are signs that there may be something wrong and that we need to figure out what to do about it.

When these feelings create problems in health or functioning, they are called symptoms. Fear, worry, tension, irritability, and stress related medical complaints are common symptoms of many psychological disorders.

Anxiety Disorders like Panic Disorder, Specific Phobia, Social Phobia, PTSD, OCD, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

  • Anxiety and fears are primary and include some degree of tension, worry, or avoidance.
  • Anxiety Disorders vary, from a generalized habit of worry (GAD), to the delimited fears and avoidance of Specific Phobia, to uncanny feelings or terror which accompany Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Panic Disorder, to the massive avoidance in Agoraphobia.
  • Depression is secondary, variable, and may be due to exhaustion, a sense of helpless, and loss of self worth
  • Men may conceal symptoms of severe anxiety (Panic Disorder, PTSD) due to shame.

Depressive Disorders like Dysthymic Disorder and Major Depression

  • Clinical depression is characterized primarily by low mood, sleep and eating disturbances, irritability and loss of energy.
  • There is diminished mental focus, follow through, self esteem, social contact, engagement, and pleasure in living.
  • Anxiety as well as vague or multiple, minor medical complaints also present but secondary.
  • Depression is often preceded or accompanied by a sense of helplessness and hopelessness, which can by frightening and stressful to mind and body.
  • In women, depressive symptoms are usually more obvious. Men more often minimize or conceal depressive emotion, which may present as social withdrawal, anger, or apparent detachment. Boys may withdraw or act out.

I have a great deal of experience and training as a licensed clinical psychologist diagnosing and treating depression and anxiety. People with these conditions respond well to a combination of

  • Symptom-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), informational counseling, including stress management, and health-focused life coaching.
  • Here-and–now psychodynamic or interpersonal psychotherapy approaches may be considered to consolidate gains, repair damage to the sense of self, and prevent relapse.
  • Depression, Agoraphobia, Social Phobia and other psychological conditions may cause significant disruption to personal or professional functioning. It is crucial, in many instances, to include a targeted coaching component as part of the recovery plan.

The best treatment for depression or anxiety disorders addresses the individual’s particular clinical needs.

Marriage Counseling, Couple Therapy, Parent-Child and Family Consultation

Intimate and family relationships provide the greatest emotional rewards as well as the most difficult emotional challenges that we face in life. Intimacy, love, and shared goals create a powerful bond that brings two people together as a couple. What keeps a couple and a family together includes mutual knowledge, compassion, and respect, as well as adequate relationship and communications skills.

Even fundamentally good relationships can become weakened or threatened over time. Couples often seek treatment when this fundamental connection is threatened. Marriage counseling can diagnose couple and family impasses and create a treatment plan to address the problems.

I use individual coaching and couples counseling sessions to promote mutual knowledge and understanding. This produces a sense of compassion which helps to overcome the fears, resentments, and hurts that create withdrawal, anger, and acting out.

We go on to replace behaviors which damage the couple connection with actions and customs which enhance the relationship. As a couple’s needs and boundaries become better recognized and respected, feelings of trust, love and security increase. This leads to more intimacy, cooperation, and mutual problem solving, even under stress.

Anger Management for Individuals and Couples

Resentment, passive aggressive behaviors, and hostile attitudes, in the long run, take an enormous toll on health and on personal and professional relationships. Rage reactions and aggressive behavior can do much more severe damage in only an instant.

We tend to ignore or even deny problems with anger, even when we have been repeatedly confronted by their corrosive or devastating consequences. One reason is that the fight-or-flight response (the survival instinct) will overwhelm the mind of an angry person, making anger and aggression, however intense, seems natural and appropriate. The habit of problematic anger is also rooted in one's personal dynamics and reinforcement history.

Anger management, the treatment of dysfunctional anger and aggression, requires an informed, specialized professional approach. Some mental health approaches are unprepared to diagnose treat clinically significant anger management problems, per se. Some schools of treatment try to stretch their customary methods to "cover" the problem. However, anger control problems are often too intense, over-learned, and complex to be understood by one particular, abnormal psychology theory or touched by a single-focus methodology.

You can learn more about this very complex but treatable problem at, including:

  • the definition of an anger management problem
  • the common signs, symptoms, and styles of unhealthy anger
  • the causes and psychology of dysfunctional anger and aggression
  • self-help tips for managing anger
  • the best anger management techniques and approaches for individuals and couples

In general, I find the best treatment plan for anger management problems includes cognitive behavioral therapy techniques. CBT for anger is especially effective when combined with relationship counseling and or communication skills coaching. These educational methods help to reduce anger and teach constructive alternatives to angry behavior.

Find psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, marriage counseling, and anger management in Greenwich, CT (Fairfield County)

In summary, I am a New York and Connecticut licensed psychologist, a certified psychoanalyst, and an experienced individual, couples and family therapist. I treat psychological concerns and mental health problems that prevent my clients from living well. I offer solution focused clinical psychology services in Greenwich, CT, including psychotherapy, marriage counseling and anger management. CBT and brief, symptom focused techniques, stress management, and goal oriented coaching, are among the practical methods I employ to accelerate individual therapy and marriage counseling. A full range of psychological services are available at the NYC, White Plains, NY and Greenwich, CT practice locations. However, anger management classes are available at the Westchester location only.

Here’s how to find my psychotherapy and marriage counseling offices.

My Greenwich, Ct therapy and counseling practice is located at 2 Benedict Place, Suite 2E, corner of West Elm St. and Benedict Place, one block West of Greenwich Avenue. It is accessible from I-95, Exit 3, as well as from Putnam Avenue. Parking is available behind the building.

My Midtown Manhattan NYC Psychologist office is located at 71 Park Avenue, Suite 1D, three blocks South of Grand Central Station.

My Westchester therapy and counseling practice is in White Plains, New York, three blocks north of I-287, Exit 6.

You are welcome to call or email to learn more about how I can help you to overcome symptoms, to resolve relationship and career problems, to attain particular goals and achieve your potential.

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