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Therapy for teens and teen therapy issues are explored by Robert M. Fraum, counselor, licensed psychologist, marriage, family and teen therapist in Greenwich, Westchester and New York. As a marriage counselor and family therapist, Dr. Fraum has deep experience with teen behavioral, social and developmental issues such as bullying, social growth and stage of life issues. Teen therapy is available in Greenwich, CT, Westchester, NY and Manhattan, NYC along with marriage counseling and family therapy.

Adolescent and Teen Therapy - Family Therapist and Marriage Counselor

What are family therapy, couples or marriage counseling issues versus teen therapy and teen counseling issues? Teens are in so rapid a state of development, go through so many changes and deal with so many challenges that it is hard to know whether a potential issue should be the addressed by a psychotherapist, and often family counseling issues and parental marriage or family psychotherapy issues may be intertwined. This section of the site focuses on teen therapy, teen counseling, adolescent therapy issues and teenage psychology.

Sometimes a parent will notice a problem. A teacher, school counselor, medical or other professional may call a parent’s attention to an emerging issue. Occasionally, a painful symptom or situation will prompt a kid to approach the question of counseling. As a family and marital counselor, I encounter teen therapy needs routinely.

Why do teens go to therapy?

There are many reasons adolescents need counseling and teens need therapy. As a licensed clinical psychologist and experienced teen therapist, I have been counseling adolescents and teens for many years. In my Greenwich, Westchester and New York City psychotherapy practices, I have encountered the following list of issues, which is incomplete and may overlap.

Psychological Issues in Teen Behavioral Therapy

  • symptoms of anxiety, depression, compulsive behaviors, social avoidance, or phobias
  • harmful acting out behavior including sexual, risky, aggressive, or self-injurious acts
  • substance abuse or dependence, video game or internet addiction

School Related Teen Counseling and Adolescent Therapy

  • Academic (effects of under achievement)
  • Social anxiety, school avoidance
  • Problems coping with teachers and requirements
  • Self-control/behavioral problems

Peer Related Teen Therapy, Social Skills, Teenage Bullying

  • Personal identity or adjustment issues
  • Bullying, rejection, social neglect, or marginalization
  • Issues over feeling different related to shyness, social skills, stature, looks, athleticism, socio-economic, ethnic, religious, or cultural differences, delayed or early puberty, ADHD behaviors, Type 1 Diabetes, asthma, etc

Stage of Life Teen Therapy and Counseling

  • Issues with friendships and romantic relationships
  • Anxiety and self-worth issues related to sex, achievement, independence, and social role expectations in adolescence
  • Issues with leaving home, family, and friends for college; finding a job; maintaining friendships; choosing an appropriate relationship

Family Issues in Teen Therapy and Counseling

  • Death, divorce, remarriage, abuse, trauma, disequilibrium
  • Upset with family members or over disappointing one’s parents
  • Conflicts over parental control, standards, limit setting, disciplinary or communication style
  • Opening up family dialogue. Learning new, mutually respectful ways to communicate

My Approach to Counseling Adolescents in Teen Therapy

I personally enjoy working with teenagers because they are going through such an intense, challenging, and pivotal time in life. My counseling approach is specific to the individual and his family, avoids pathologizing a client or blaming anyone, and actively pursues positive, creative solutions.

The multi-modal approach provides a range and depth of perspective as well as cognitive behavioral tools to implement change. Family systems theory helps me to understand a client against the background of his/her family. As an interpersonal-humanistic psychologist, my approach to counseling teenagers naturally focuses on self-empowerment and personal responsibility.

At appropriate times, and with a teen’s consent, I may consult with and make recommendations to parents—without compromising confidentiality. We may have a teen-parent meeting to facilitate communication, resolve an impasse, or reinforce an agreement, etc.

Read more about teen therapy or family and marital counseling, my best teen counseling and family therapy advice and feel free to contact me regarding counseling and teen therapy in Greenwich, New York City and White Plains.

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